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No Contract Required!

In most cases, our Free Estimate and an inspection of your property is required. We also can perform your sod replacement and minor irrigation repairs, if needed. Our exclusive service plan is designed so that all of your worries are taken care of. We can rid your lawn of pests and take care of your property so you can relax. No more guess work and smelly chemicals that just don’t seem to work!



Do you require that I enter a 12 month contract?  No we do not! We strive hard each and every time we service your property and in the unlikely event that we are unable to satisfy your needs you may simply cancel at any time.

My property is a complete mess and I think it is beyond help, what can you do?  Not only will we give you a free inspection but also give you the option of our landscape and sod replacement if needed. Unlike many of our competitors, not only will we install but also maintain your landscape for years to come.

What if I have pets and/or children, will the products you use hurt them?  We always recommend that you keep off of the areas being treated for at least 2 hours. Once the products have dried it would be safe to allow pets and children back into these areas. In fact our treatments will not only help your lawn but actually help control pests which bite, such as fire ants,  fleas, ticks and spiders.

Does my sprinkler system need repaired before I can have treatments begin? That would mostly depend upon the situation and our free inspection is the best way to make a determination. If needed we can repair or adjust your sprinkler system.

My neighbor does not take care of his property, does that make a difference? In many cases it will make a difference, but not as you might have imagined. With our service your lawn will actually invade the neighbors bad areas.

Besides your program, what are some of the things which I can do for my lawn? We ask that you do not ever apply any products to your lawn. Our care is all that is needed, however there are usually some issues which you need to be aware of. One of the biggest mistakes we see is mowing the lawn too short! You should adjust the mower deck while it is parked on a concrete surface and adjust the mower deck to a minimum height of 3 1/2″ and as high as 4″. This will allow the turf grass to adsorb sunlight more efficiently, retain moisture better and reduce stress. Never mow your lawn while the grass is wet and always keep your mower blades sharp as well. This will help prevent fungus from developing and/or spreading.

I water my lawn for 30 minutes in each section, is that enough? The amount of time you water your lawn does not determine if it is the right amount or not. You need to know the gallons per minute and the square footage being watered in order to make that determination. One of the best and easiest ways is to use a rain guage(s). You can even use a tin can, which has been placed into the ground and has the top of the lip at the same height as your lawn. Once the sprinklers have cycled in that area for, lets say 30 minutes, then you can adjust the time up or down according to how much water was caught within the tin cup. You need to check each zone in a similar manner and any more or less than 3/4″ is wasted time and money.






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