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Pest Prevention

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In Central Florida you will find a wide variety of pests willing to invade any structure and you are going to need  an experienced professional you can trust!

With over 25 years experience, Phil Pemberton is just that.


In most cases we can give you a free estimate right over the phone and schedule most service calls within 24 hours.


What pests are covered by your treatment plan? Our basic treatment plan would include roaches, sugar feeding ants, silver fish, spiders and pantry pests. We also treat the perimeter of your home or office for these pests and more. 
 Why are other pests such as fleas, rats or carpenter ants not covered? On average less than 10% of our clients ever have a problem with these pests and we would have to charge you a higher price. It is of little value to offer a guarantee which most clients will never need. 
If I do have a problem with other pest can you take care of them as well? Yes! We are state licensed for the control of all pests including Subterranean Termites, tent fumigation for Drywood Termites as well as lawn and ornamental applications. 
Do I need to leave or empty cabinets and drawers?  In most cases the answer is no. We will inform you of our treatment plan in advance and can even assist you if needed. 
Do I have to leave a key or can someone let you in?  We do have some clients you prefer to leave a key but in most cases we are able to work with what ever time best suits your needs. 
Do you have an on-time guarantee like the cable company? Well, yes and no. Unlike the cable company we give you a specific time that someone will arrive. If we are either 15 minutes ahead or behind schedule, someone will call you in advance and if needed we can reschedule your service. 
Can I purchase similar products myself? In many cases the answer is no. Even if you could, once you open most pest control products they begin to loose their ability to control pests. Given the fact that we purchase products in large quantities at a reduced cost, ready mix our products, keep over 40 items in stock, are state licensed, insured and are trained to understand the manufactures recommendations better are all reasons why you should depend upon us.
Why do other companies charge over twice as much for the same service?  Many are owned by shareholders or larger corporations which receive dividends and profit at your expense. This also translates into money that never enters our local economy.




















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